Gebührenfrei Mastercard Gold

Does a lot.
Without fees.

  • 0 € annual fee (permanent)
  • 0 € cash fee
  • 0 € foreign fee
  • Flexible repayment possible
Payment in installments

Your Mastercard has an individual credit limit +, up to which you can pay with the card. Payments are not deducted directly from your current account, but you will receive an invoice the following month.

You must pay at least 3% or 30 euros of the monthly bill, or you pay everything immediately. If you pay back in installments, interest of 1.86% per month will be charged.

+The limit depends on your credit rating.

Permanent 0€ annual fee

You pay no annual fee for the gebührenfrei Mastercard GOLD.

Apple/Google Pay

Use Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay quickly and securely anywhere.

Free of charge worldwide

Pay with the gebührenfrei Mastercard GOLD when traveling or in everyday life without fees.

Travel insurance included

Benefit from travel insurance for you and your fellow travelers at no extra cost.

Up to 7 weeks interest-free

With the gebührenfrei Mastercard GOLD you have up to 7 weeks to pay your bill.

How the gebührenfrei Mastercard GOLD works


Permanently without fees

There are no fees with the gebührenfrei Mastercard GOLD.

Details of the fees
Card feesPrice
Annual fee (permanent)0 Euro
Foreign transaction fee (worldwide)0 Euro*
Cash withdrawal fee worldwide at the counter/ ATM0 Euro**
Currency conversion fee0 Euro
Card dispatch 0 Euro
Card blocking 0 Euro
Emergency replacement card 0 Euro
Replacement card 0 Euro
Replacement PIN (secret code) 0 Euro
Duplicate invoice 0 Euro
Address research 0 Euro
Invoice dispatch (postage) 0 Euro


Interest only if you do not pay for your purchases in full

With the gebührenfrei Mastercard GOLD, you only pay interest (1.86% per month) if you do not repay the monthly bill for your purchases in full.

Further information
Debit interest on purchases (settlement of the total invoice amount at maturity)0 %
Debit interest on purchases using the installment facility, 24.69% p.a. Effective interest rate from transaction date, nominal per month1,86 %
Debit interest for cash withdrawals (cash withdrawals, transfers, money transfers, purchase of cryptocurrencies), 24.69% p.a. Effective interest from transaction date, nominal per month1,86 %
Exceeding the credit limit at the time of the monthly statement by more than 3%, but by at least 50 euros3 Euro
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The gebührenfrei Mastercard GOLD is issued by Advanzia Bank S.A. (9, rue Gabriel Lippmann, L-5365 Munsbach). The bank's product description and terms and conditions apply Advanzia Bank S.A. is a credit institution registered by the Ministry of Finance of the Luxembourg Government under number 47/05.

Representative example

The total amount is the sum of the credit limit (net credit amount) and the total costs of the loan. The total costs include both the agreed debit interest and the other costs incurred in connection with the credit agreement, insofar as these are known to Advanzia. The total cost calculation is based on the information for calculating the effective annual interest rate.
The calculation of the annual percentage rate of charge is based on the following assumptions:

Based on the above assumptions, the total amount when using the credit card in the total net loan amount for purchases is € 1,129.86 and when using the credit card in the total net loan amount for cash withdrawals (cash withdrawals, bank transfers, money transfers, purchase of cryptocurrencies) is € 1,130.87.

*Interest is charged on cash withdrawals in accordance with the price list.

**The Mastercard exchange rate used for foreign currency payments includes a surcharge, i.e. a currency conversion fee, on the ECB reference rate. You can find the current daily currency conversion fees on