Which travel credit card do I need on holiday?

23.04.2024 13:28

Planning a trip abroad and want to find the best travel credit cards with maximum security? We have compiled a list of the most recommended travel credit cards for you. With these cards, you can enjoy your trip without worrying about cash, whether you want to relax on the beach or go on an adventure tour. Find out here which travel credit card is your perfect companion abroad.

The most important facts in a nutshell

  • The best travel credit cards offer worldwide acceptance, low fees and additional insurance cover for foreign travel.
  • When choosing the right travel credit card, you should pay attention to fees, insurance benefits and contactless payment.
  • The travel credit card Advanzia Mastercard Gold is recommended here because it includes travel insurance.
  • Tips for use abroad: Remember the new PIN, refuse currency conversions and note the emergency numbers.


  1. Why you absolutely need a travel credit card
  2. Why travel credit card acceptance is important
  3. What to look for when choosing the right travel credit card
  4. How to use your travel credit card properly abroad
  5. Conclusion

Why you absolutely need a travel credit card

First, let's take a quick look at the benefits of a dedicated travel credit card for your trip abroad:

  • Worldwide acceptance: Travel credit cards are accepted by most shops, restaurants and hotels around the world. You can pay in different currencies and save yourself the hassle of exchanging cash.
  • Low fees: The best travel credit cards often charge no or only low foreign transaction fees. This saves you money every time you shop or withdraw money abroad.
  • No foreign currency fees: With a travel credit card, you often don't pay extra fees for exchanging foreign currencies. This saves you the waiting time and the sometimes high fees at the currency exchange points.
  • Insurance cover: Many travel credit cards offer insurance cover as an additional service, for example for cancellation, loss of luggage or medical emergencies. This means you are well covered for every holiday.
  • Control and security: You can set your own limit and have the cards blocked quickly in the event of loss or theft. This makes it easy to prevent misuse of your credit card.
Travelling with a credit card
With the right travel credit card, you can travel worldwide with flexibility.

Why travel credit card acceptance is important

In order to be able to use your credit card abroad at all, it must be accepted by the relevant local ATMs and payment systems. There are differences here in the acceptance of credit card providers such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

First we compare the acceptance of Visa and Mastercard. Visa is accepted in more than 200 countries and regions and has over 46 million points of acceptance worldwide. Mastercard, on the other hand, is supported in 210 countries and regions and comes up with 37 million points of acceptance. However, the exact acceptance depends on the respective region and can therefore vary.

Finally, there are the credit cards from American Express. According to the Nielsen Report from February 2020, there are over 44 million acceptance points worldwide . However, these are mostly in the USA, where the card also has a high acceptance rate. In other countries such as Germany, however, American Express credit cards are accepted less frequently than Visa and MasterCard.

Due to these differences, we therefore recommend that you check the acceptance of the respective brand in the destination country before travelling. You should also consider which credit card offers the best advantages in everyday life, for example by supporting Google Pay or Apple Pay.

The best travel credit cards

Gebührenfrei Mastercard Gold

Advanzia Bank

Annual Fee
0.00 €
Worldwide Payment
0.00 %
  • 0€ annual fee - forever
  • No Video-/PostIdent necessary
  • Pay worldwide without fees

What to look for when choosing the right travel credit card

When choosing your travel credit card, you should pay attention to the following points in addition to acceptance:

  1. Fees: Look out for foreign transaction fees, foreign currency fees and possible annual fees. The best travel credit cards often have no or low fees. This includes the Gebührenfrei Mastercard Gold from Advanzia Bank.
  2. Insurance benefits: Check the insurance benefits offered by the credit card. Cancellation insurance, travel health insurance and luggage insurance are good companions when travelling.
  3. Contactless payment: We recommend credit cards with the contactless payment function so that you can pay quickly and easily.
  4. Customer service: Here it is important that you have a reliable contact option in case of problems or questions, which can also be reached abroad and around the clock.

How to use your travel credit card properly abroad

To get the most out of your travel credit card, follow these tips for using it abroad:

  • Reject currency conversion: When abroad, you will sometimes be asked whether the transaction should be settled in your home currency or in the local currency. To avoid additional withdrawal fees, always choose the local currency.
  • Remember PIN: Similar to bank cards, every new credit card comes with its own PIN. Remember it well before you travel abroad.
  • Note emergency numbers: Write down the emergency numbers of your credit card in case it is lost or stolen. This is the only way you can have the card blocked quickly in an emergency. Here you can find more information on the topic of credit card security and how you can quickly block your credit card.


A travel credit card is an indispensable companion for your trips abroad. The best travel credit cards offer worldwide acceptance, low fees, additional insurance coverage and control over your spending. So choose a travel credit card that best suits your needs and travel habits. Enjoy the ease and flexibility of paying abroad with your credit card.